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HSDPA on a Fujitsu U810: 3697 kb/s Upload (video demo)

HSDPA Speedtest results U810Fujitsu introduced two computers with AT&T's HSDPA built-in today and I got a chance to play with them. I pointed the U810 to speedtest.net and was blown away by its upload speed. The speed test starts off slow on the download portion, but the upload speed shoots to 3697 kb/s! I've been struggling to get 10% of that speed using my Sprint EVDO cards.
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Apple Supports Novatel WWAN Cards

Apple's officially supporting Novatel EVDO and HSDPA cards for Cingular, Sprint and Verizon. Until now MacBook Pro owners had to either download software from f...
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Compaq nc6400 gets UMTS/HSDPA

HP's Compaq nc6400 will be the first notebook available in the U.S. with built-in UMTS/HSDPA. HPâ€â„¢s business users can now enjoy the benefits of mo...