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Review of Phoenix FailSafe: Track Down Lost Laptops and Data

Losing your laptop can be a huge pain. Not only are you out the cost of your laptop but you may have lost confidential documents or a term paper that hasn't yet been backed up. There are several programs and services that let you track down your laptop and even work with law enforcement to help recover a stolen laptop. Phoenix Technologies, notably known for making Bios software, has a new service call FailSafe that helps you track the last place your laptop connected to the internet, retrieve or delete files and even disable the computer completely.
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FBI Loses 160 Laptops: Lessons to Learn

LoJack CEO Unfortunately, no individual or group is immune to laptop theft. In today's mobile world, computer theft is commonplace. Many organizations are grappling with how to secure and accurately track laptop computers. The FBI is no exception.
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Fidelity Loses Laptop, Nearly 200,000 HP Employees’ Data

A Fidelity Investment notebook was stolen, putting 196,000 current and former HP employees’ names, social security numbers and dates of birth at risk.