Mimobot Review: Fun Thumbdrives With Character

Cloud services may be quickly replacing run of the mill thumbdrives, but Mimobots are no ordinary thumbdrives. These incredibly detailed drives come in a variety of designs from Hello Kitty to Star Wars and are portable enough to take with you as a fanboy or fangirl badge of honor.

Mimobots Thumbdrives

Mimobots thumbdrives come in a variety of characters.

The Mimobot drives range in capacity from 2GB to 16GB and start at $22.95 for the 2GB models. The higher capacity drives can run up to $59.95. The USB drives are more expensive than your run of the mill drive, but you get a work of art instead of a piece of plastic.

mimobot hal jordan

Mimobot Open

Mimobot sent over a collection of super heroes and villians for us to test out, including The Joker, Batman, Hal Jordan and R2D2. These drives include detailed faces and realistic looking attire for each character. Each drive has a similar shape, but a unique look for the character from dark and twisted to bright and clean, depending on who the drive looks like.

The front has curves to give definition and there are even tiny arms on the side of each character. The rear is smooth and pretty flat so that you can plug the drive into most USB ports. To get to the port, just pull of the head of your superhero.

The USB drives are well constructed and haven’t shown any wear while carried loose in our bag over the past few weeks. If you are concerned about scratching, pick up a Spacesuit for $6 which will protect your Mimobot while it is on the road. Transfer speeds are pretty standard for a USB 2.0 drive.

Mimobots make a fun gift for comic and science fiction fans. There is a price premium, but it is worth it for fans of DC Comics, Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Transformers and other characters. You can find the drives at Mimoco.com and specialty retailers across the U.S.

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