Watch the ThinkPad X1 Survive a Drop From The Ceiling (Video)

The new ThinkPad X1 is billed as a notebook for doers, and that’s what Lenovo wanted to show off at a partner conference in Las Vegas when Lenovo “product experts” Matt Kohut and Stephen Miller decided to drop the X1 from the ceiling of the conference center, to see if it could survive. Engaging the help of the scissor lift, they dropped the ThinkPad from a height that would give most notebooks vertigo. Don’t forget to check out our ThinkPad X1 Review.

While the drop is impressive, it would have been even more impressive to see the notebook dropped on an edge or while open. Still, it’s a feat we haven’t seen taken on with a notebook since the Panasonic Toughbook was dropped to the deck of an aircraft carrier.

ThinkPad X1 drop test video

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