Toshiba Mobile 14-Inch Display

In addition to the trio of business-class laptops that were announced by Toshiba yesterday under the Tecra and Portege brands, Toshiba also demonstrated a recently announced mobile external display accessory that would help users get the most out of their laptops while on the go.

The external display is both lightweight and portable and comes with its own cords and a nicely designed leather folio case. The great thing about this display, which itself looks like an oversized 14-inch tablet, is that it’s completely USB driven–plug the display into your laptop’s USB port and it will be able to either mirror or extend your Windows 7 desktop on your Tecra or Portege laptops from the company, or any other PC–no external power supply required!

However, if you do plug in an external power supply, Toshiba says that the display can tap into higher brightness levels. It’s capped at a darker brightness level–which is still viewable and looks great–without an external power source to conserve battery life on your laptop as the portable display draws from your powered USB port on your laptop.

Available for $200, the mobile display is a great companion to a mobile road warrior’s arsenal. Toshiba says it’s great for sales people, executives, and insurance industry. The mobile display can also be used in lieu of a projector for small group settings, which will allow the presenter to control the main laptop’s display while the secondary mobile display can be turned around so that others can see the presentation.

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