External Notebook Battery Review Roundup and Showdown

Notebook battery life can be a big deal, and while many models offer long life and the ability to swap out a battery there are a wide array of external notebook battery solutions that can extend your life even longer. Tom’s Hardware has rounded up and tested 15 external notebook batteries that will help your notebook last longer.

External Notebook Battery Roundup

Many average consumers won’t find the need for a portable power solution like one of these external notebook batteries to go with a $500 notebook, but if you are traveling, an outdoor enthusiast or really do need to stay powered for hours more than your traditional notebook battery allows, then these 15 batteries offer a glimpse at everlasting battery life — or at least as close as you can come today.

Tom’s Hardware tested the following external notebook batteries:

  • Amstar MedXP 140
  • Amstar MedXP 300
  • Brunton Sustain
  • Brunton Impel
  • Digipower Universal Laptop Battery
  • Electrovaya PowerPad 95
  • Electrovaya PowerPad 130
  • Energizer XP8000
  • Energizer XP18000
  • Lenmar PPU916
  • PowerTraveller MiniGorrila
  • PowerTraveller PowerGorrila
  • Tekkeon MP3750
  • Tekkeon MP3450
  • Tekkeon MP3450i

The nice thing about these external notebook batteries is that if you can find a notebook that meets all of your needs except battery life, you can fix that with a relatively small purchase. Because these are external options that work with a number of computers, you can use them with several notebooks and when the extra weight is a problem, leave the battery in your car or at home.

Personally, battery life is a ranked higher than high end performance so I am always drawn to notebooks that can deliver long batter life on their own, but the ability to double battery life with a slice battery or an external notebook battery, is always a plus. Just watch out, as Apple like’s to make it difficult for battery makers like HyperJuice who produce external MacBook battery packs.

Via LaptopThoughts

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