Convert PDFs to Word and Excel For Free With NitroPDF

Free PDF to Word ConversionIf you need to copy a table or text from a PDF document you’ll appreciate NitroPDF’s PDF to Word and PDF to Excel tools which, as their name implies, will turn your PDF file into a Word document or Excel File so that you can edit a PDF or copy to another document.

The NitroPDF services are online tools that are free to use and can be accessed from any computer. The tools will work on Windows, Mac or Linux. Even better, you don’t need to have a copy of Word or Excel to convert. Just upload the file from your MacBook or notebook and you will be sent the file.

If you need to turn a Word document into a PDF and don’t have a newer version of Word that supports it, or a PDF printer, you can also upload a file to Word to PDF to get a PDF of your document sent to you.

free pdf to excel conversionOnce you have the converted document you can open it up in Word or Excel on your computer, or you can use Google Docs to open it up and edit the document in your browser.

NitroPDF has just announced an update to the PDF to Word and PDF to Excel tools, which increase the speed of conversions and the reliability of conversions meaning that you are less likely to run into any issues if you use the service.

Normally a PDF to Word or PDF to Excel tool would run on your desktop and could cost as much as $100 to $200 for a program like Adobe Acrobat X Pro. These free online tools offer an incredible value to users who don’t need the extras found in Acrobat X or who only need to convert files occasionally.

We recommend testing out the conversion tool and proofing the document before using this tool full time to convert and send documents, just to be sure that the conversion happened as you would expect it too.

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