HP Notebooks to Dual Boot WebOS and Windows in 2012

HP Plans to offer WebOS, the same operating system that is on the Pre phones and will grace the HP TouchPad, on all HP computers in 2012. This proclamation comes from HP CEO Leo Apotheker who reportedly said, ““every one of the PCs shipped by HP will include the ability to run WebOS in addition to Microsoft Corp.’s Windows.”

The move is bold, but not unexpected as HP has big plans for the WebOS operating system and it is an attempt to gain additional support from developers to support the Pre smart phones and the HP TouchPad which will launch in the coming months and try to compete with the iPad 2, which already has 65,000 apps.

HP notebooks will still run Windows, but in 2012 Apotheker wants users to have the option of using WebOS and WebOS apps on their notebooks. This alternate method of use wouldn’t necessarily require touchscreens on all of the HP notebooks, but rather rely on the mouse and keyboard. WebOS on a notebook would likely act as a quickboot operating system, allowing users to get to work or get online quicker than booting Windows.

If HP plans this right, they could deliver apps that work on your phone, tablet and notebook — possibly for one purchase price. If HP delivers on this promise of WebOS on every notebook in 2012, the company could benefit from the options, but it will still face a challenge in getting users to try a new operating system.

HP WebOS demo:

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