Wudskins Bamboo/Aluminum iPad Case on Kickstarter for $150

Would you pay $150 for a case for the iPad? The people proposing the Wudskins Protective Bamboo & Aluminum iPad Case are hoping so. That is the minimum pledge they are asking for on Kickstarter, the site that gives inventors a chance to have their products supported by their customers as investors. The case is made of bamboo and aluminum. It has a friction hinge that will hold the case open at various angles for viewing the iPad screen while resting on a surface. The iPad slides in the side with the cover open. Each port and button is accessible with cutouts.

The Wudskin (pronounced like wood-skin) has the following pledge levels on Kickstarter.

  • $5 – honorable mention meaning you only get their appreciation
  • $25 – laser engraved plaque made of the leftover bamboo
  • $50 – the above plaque plus a shirt
  • $75 – the above plaque and shirt plus an embroidered messenger bag for the case, but no case
  • $150 – the first level where you actually get a case
  • $250 – all of the above
  • $350 – a limited edition case with laser engraving, red anodized aluminum spine plus the bag, t-shirt and plaque

Backers will also have to add shipping and handling to their pledges. We think this is a very unique case, but that’s a steep price. It is a luxury item to say the least. Below is the Kickstarter video:

Here is an image showing the case’s spine: