Verizon iPhone Hotspot Pricing Released

The coming release of a long awaiting Apple iPhone on Verizon will happen Feb. 10 with a potentially game-changing new feature – a wireless hotspot built into the phone allowing users to share their Internet connection via the phone’s Wi-Fi. Verizon has now released their pricing (via MacRumors) for the feature and while it was promised to be “unlimited” it is the kind of unlimited we’ve heard of before from Verizon, meaning not at all unlimited. The cost will be an extra $20 for the hotspot feature in addition to a charge for wireless 3G broadband access which costs $30. The additional $20 will give you 2GB of extra data for use by other devices. An additional 1GB of data will cost another $20.


This may sound like a lot, especially if you plan to use up to 3GB of data, which would cost an extra $40. But remember that this is still cheaper than the price for a monthly contract on the Verizon Mi-Fi which offers the same capability with an extra device. So it would still be cheaper to use an iPhone 4 on Verizon with the Wi-Fi hotspot tethering feature than it would for a Mi-Fi, not to mention the convenience of only having one device.