HP webOS Netbooks On the Way According to Training Manuals

HP is gearing up to make a big webOS announcement on February 9th, which could include the addition of a webOS netbook. The new information comes from HP training manuals which leaked to PreCentral.net.

The training documents discuss doing things in webOS on phones, slates (tablets) and netbooks, with an answer of all of the above being highlighted as the correct choice for the question, “Int he future you’ll find webOS on multiple devices like:”

The training information also teases,

If I could run webOS on my phone and a slate and a netbook…

And they all talked to each other and shared information.

A friendly little product family…

That connects you to the world in amazing new ways.

I’m in. Let’s go

Today, let’s start with the phones. Tomorrow will come soon enough

WebOS is a mobile operating system that HP purchased in 2010 and is soon expected to begin capitalizing on by including it in mobile devices such as tablets and phones. We’re unsure if HP will formally announce a webOS powered netbook on February 9th, but the possibility is certainly there.

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