Google Chrome Notebook Unboxing Video

Google was kind enough to send over a Cr-48, the first Chrome OS notebook. This notebook is part of Google’s Chrome OS pilot program and will not be sold to the public. Google promises that Chrome OS is nothing but the web, but is that enough for most people? We’ll find out as we explore Google’s answer to OSX and Windows.

In this video you’ll see what Chrome OS pilot program participants are receiving in the mail. As you can see, the Cr-48 Google Chrome OS notebook doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. It comes in a very plain box and there are no extras in the box, save for a short Chrome OS guide. The Cr-48, a battery and an AC adapter are all the hardware you’ll find in the box.

During the Google Chrome even in San Francisco, company representatives stressed the importance of a stress-free out of box experience. Setting up the Cr-48 is extremely simple and can be done in less than a minute. When you’re through with the four-step setup proces, the Google Chrome browser is up and ready to go. With Google Chrome OS, the browser is the desktop and the only application you can interact with.

Google Chrome OS is certainly different than Windows and OSX. The setup process is refreshing and there are a lot of things to like about the Cr-48 right out of the box, such as built-in Verizon mobile broadband. But there are several points of frustration. Different is good, but different doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Check back soon for our full Cr-48 and Chrome OS reviews. We’ll be watching the progress of Chrome OS very closely. We expect to see Chrome OS laptops on retailers’ shelves mid-2011.

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