Black Friday: Nintendo Wii for $169.99 at Best Buy

Best Buy will be selling the Nintendo Wii for $169.99 as a Black Friday doorbuster. The deal will only be available at Best Buy’s retail stores, which will have a minimum of 2o Nintendo Wii units in stock at this price. The $169.99 Nintendo Wii bundle includes Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and a Wii Remote Plus.

This might sound like a great deal at first glance, but we cannot recommend waiting in line on Black Friday if this is the only item you plan on buying from Best Buy. Instead, we recommend buying from, which has it for $179, or another online retailer with similar pricing.

Each Best Buy retail store is being allocated a minimum of 10 Black Nintendo Wii units and 10 White Nintendo Wii units to sell at this price. While Best Buy stores will likely have far more than 20 Nintendo Wii consoles on hand, those that don’t get in on the doorbuster deal will have to pay full price.

In order to get this deal you’ll have to show up several hours before Best Buy’s doors open at 5 a.m on Black Friday. Many people will skip Thanksgiving dinner in order to be towards the front of the line. Many Best Buy stores will have hundreds of people lined up for Black Friday before sunset on Thanksgiving.

Best Buy employees will pass out tickets for the Nintendo Wii bundles to the first 20 people who want them in line. Keep in mind that those at the head of the line have the first right of refusal for each deal. This means that the first couple of dozen people in line can potentially gobble up ALL of the Best Buy Black Friday doorbusters, leaving many who campe out overnight out in the cold.

If you’re hoping to get a deal on the Nintendo Wii you may have better luck shopping online. has the same bundle available for $179. The retailer offers free shipping for the Nintendo Wii and does not charge for tax up front, making the difference between the Best Buy Black Friday price and the Amazon deal is negligible.

If you are going to buy the Nintendo Wii bundle with the sports game, be sure your recipient actually wants a Wii. Many youngsters prefer the Microsoft XBOX 360.

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