MacBook Air SSD Upgrade Announced – User Upgradeable to 256GB SSD

The MacBook Air was just announced last week, but a Taiwanese company is already announcing a MacBook Air SSD upgrade kit. The Macbook Air uses flash memory for storage that is not inside a standard enclosure (such as the Intel X-25 M we are giving away). This means that there are fewer upgrade options.

The MacBook Air (Late 2010) model comes in two sizes, an 11.6″ form factor that tops out at 128GB of storage and the 13.3″ MacBook Air which can be configured direct from Apple with a 256GB SSD. This upgrade from PhotoFast not only provides MacBook Air 11.6″ users with an option for upgrading to larger storage, it also brings a faster SSD. According to the company the PhotoFast [email protected] SFV1 Air offers a 30% boost in performance over the original MacBook Air SSD.

The MacBook Air SSD Upgrade kit also comes with a USB 3.0 adapter which is used to clone your system over to the new SSD module and then can be used to add additional SSD storage in a portable form factor. If you do use this as a SSD “thumbdrive” you may want to invest in a USB cable since having the large USB drive like this sticking off of your computer is just asking for an accident.

There is no price listed yet for the upgrade. We expect to see other MacBook Air SSD upgrade options come in the near future from other vendors.

Via MacRumors

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