Toshiba Intros 4G WiMAX-Ready Laptops

Toshiba introduced several laptop models that come equipped with WiMAX, a fast wireless broadband solution that’s being rolled out across the United States. The new Toshiba Satellite and Portégé models will presumably run on Clear’s WiMax network. Access to Clear’s network is being sold by the company itself, Sprint, Comcast and other partners. WiMAX is significantly faster than 3G wireless connections and is already available in 54 cities. Major markets, including San Francisco and New York, will get WiMAX starting in December.

The Satellite A665-3DV6 , Satellite M645-S4063,Satellite E205-S1980 and Portégé R705-P35 will all be getting the WiMAX treatment. We’re most excited about the R705-P35, which is similar to the Toshiba Portégé R705 configuration that earned a Editor’s Choice Award.

The introduction of WiMAX is the first time mobile broadband makes financial sense for many consumers, who generally don’t like paying for the same Internet at home and on the go. Clear and its partners will be offering bundles that include both home and mobile WiMAX modems for as low as $55 per month.

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