Waterfield Designs Offering Cases for New iPod Touch

Waterfield Designs, makers of some very nice high-end cases for many Apple products and other electronics, is offering a couple of cases for the new Apple iPod Touch. The company’s cases are very unique as they have a homemade feel and look to them, which most who have actually tried them really like.

There are two new cases the Suede Jacket and the iPod Travel Cases. The Suede Jacket Case is a sleeve style case that fits the new iPod Touch. It is made of Ultrasuede material and will protect from damage coming from outside the case and from scratches to the screen while the Touch is inside the case. The inside is much like the iPad case we previously reviewed and then offered as a giveaway. It is designed to not only protect the iPod’s screen but can also be used to keep it clean. When removing the iPod just put a little pressure on the outside screen side of the case while sliding the iPod Touch out of the case. This serves to wipe off light smudges or dirt. Also the outside of the case, which is also Ultrasuede, can be used in a pinch to clean a screen as well. It is available in sizes that fit the new iPod Touch as well as the previous generation model. They are also available for the iPod Classic and the previous generation iPod Nano.

The plain black cases are either $10 or $14 with an external pocket. For Cheetah or Zebra print they are $12 and $16 respectively.

Here is the video review of the case found on the Waterfield Designs web page:

The other case announced today is the iPod Travel Case. It is similar to the previously released case for the iPhone. It is a zippered pouch with enough room for the iPod Touch and accessories like the charging cable and head phones (see gallery at bottom). It is padded inside and has individual pockets for various accessories so that they are not all just loose inside the case scratching the screen. The zippers lock to keep from opening and spilling the contents out of the case. It comes in six colors (black, blue, brown, green, red, silver) and three sizes (small $35, medium $37, and large $39). And it will also work with the iPhone and in tandem with Waterfield Designs’ more form-fitting cases (like the Ultrasuede case) for double the protection.

Here is the video review of the case found on the Waterfield Designs web page:

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