How to Encrypt a USB Flash Drive with Rohos MiniDrive

If you are looking for simple, small encryption tool to encrypt to USB drive, look no further than Rohos MiniDrive. Rohos MiniDrive is free application which creates hidden and encrypted partitions on a USB flash drive. Rohos MiniDrive also comes with portable version which allows you to work with encrypted USB partition on any PC using a strong password. If you need to encrypt a folder on your hard drive check out our previous guide on how to encrypt a folder using Truecrypt.

Rohos MiniDrive is very easy and simple to set up. Rohos MiniDrive’s setup wizard automatically detects your USB flash drive and sets up the encrypted partition properties; you just need to provide a protection password. The disk-on notification will alert you when a secured partition gets connected or disconnected.

Rohos MiniDrive comes with one unique feature to use on a public computer. Most of encryption software requires the user to have administrative rights to be use in public computers, but with Rohos MiniDrive’s portable on-the-fly encryption software, you can use the tool on a computer without administrative rights. Rohos MiniDrive does this with a useful traveler mode which uses the Rohos Disk browser tool. In traveler mode you just need to double click a file and it will be opened in the associated application.  When you use Rohos MiniDrive in traveler mode it also makes sure that it doesn’t store un-encrypted data on guest pc or public computer.

Below are some notable features of Rohos MiniDrive

  • Creates an encrypted partition or container on USB flash drive or portable hard disk.
  • Provides secured virtual keyboard to protect encrypted disk password from a keylogger.
  • It prevents data to leaking outside of the encrypted disk via temp folders or the recent documents list through file virtualization.
  • Allows you to use encrypted partition on any PC without administrative rights or without installing software with help of portable Rohos disk browser.
  • Encryption is automatic and on-the fly, AES 256 bit key length.

Rohos MiniDrive is free version of Rohos disk encryption software. Please note that Rohos MiniDrive which is free edition has a 2GB virtual disk size limit. Rohos MiniDrive contains 3 applications;

  1. Rohos Mini Drive desktop version – Creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file on USB drive and connects it as a real disk. Allows the user to change disk password and other options.
  2. Rohos Mini, on USB drive – Allows access to the encrypted disk image as a real disk on any PC with Administration privileges.
  3. Rohos Disk Browser, portable encryption tool – Opens an encrypted disk image and shows the content in a disk browser where you can open any file and select applications using on-the-fly encryption.

Please visit to learn more about Rohos MiniDrive application.

How to install Rohos MiniDrive on USB:

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