Mobile Edge EVO Backpack on the Road Review

While on the road with a lot of gear the appropriate bag to carry it is important. This is why we chose to take the Mobile Edge EVO on our Great American Roadtrip 2.0.

The Mobile Edge EVO is designed to handle up to a 17″ MacBook Pro and during day to day use before we left carried two 14″ notebooks and an iPad without bursting the seems. You can watch a short walkthrough of the bag and its features below, or skip past to learn about how it handles on the road.

Mobile Edge EVO Review:

For the past 5 days the EVO has been a constant companion hauling all of the technology gear we have along on the raodtrip. The best part about this bag is that I have no worries about placing the Toshiba Portege R705 we have along in the compartment along with my iPad. The padding on all sides, strap to lock them in place and the fact that the compartment is suspended above the durable bottom off the bag provides a great amount of protection.

Another thing I really like is the number of pockets that fit different gadgets and purposes. The front portion folds forward to reveal a spot that has a collection of USB and SD card holders as well as a place for a digital camera, pens, a moleskin notebook and more. For this trip I repurposed one of the USB Drive holders to hold a pocketknife and it fit perfectly. The rest of the notebook’s pockets also quickly found a use. On the interior I could easily store headphones and loose change in the headphone section, receipts in a pocket on the laptop compartment and at the bottom I was able to store the power inverter and external hard drive in a zippered compartment.

The lower outside pocket held a flashlight, snacks and some caffeinated mints while the upper pocket that I wasn’t quite sure about in my original hands on became the home for the CradlePoint modem and a the PowerBolt charger which I often needed quick access to.

The side pockets contained the Xshot and a small tripod and on the other side the notebook power adapter. It was nice to have a water bottle holder when needed and still be able to zip it up when not in use so that it didn’t catch on things.

One additional bag I added to complete my mobile tech backpack was a Built Cargo Travel Organizer. This small bag provided a central place to store all the cords and chargers we have on the trip including the Kensington 4-port USB charger. It also was a nice place to keep the Kensington Lock. The best part about having one place to store your cords is that you could quickly figure out if you had all of your chargers before leaving for the next hotel.

The only real downside to the Edge that are worth noting is that you can’t fit a whole lot more in the bag than your technology. If you are used to a bag that gives you enough room for a change of clothes they will fit, but you will be packed in pretty tight.

I haven’t been carrying the bag with me much on daytrips out to the national monuments, but when I have been carrying it I did appreciate the CoolMesh padding and light weight of the actual bag.

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