Apple’s Magic Trackpad May Have Been Approved by the FCC

Apple may have just received FCC approval for the rumored Magic Trackpad. The bluetooth peripheral may be an alternative to the classic computer mouse.

Apple has always been innovative when it comes to new products. The Magic Trackpad looks to be Apple’s way of doing away with the computer mouse. Due to pictures of the rumored peripheral being released earlier this summer, many thought that Apple would have announced it at WWDC 2010. However, that was not the case. Due to the recent FCC approval, there is a possibility that the device may be officially introduced any time..

The FCC recently approved the “bluetooth device” known only by the model number, A1339. Conveniently, this model number matches the one found on the leaked pictures. It’s apparent that the FCC approved bluetooth device and the Magic Trackpad are one in the same, but when this device will be released is still unknown.

Via Engadget, FCC