YouTube Leanback and Mobile Offer HTML5, Higher Quality and Improved Navigation

If you enjoy watching YouTube on your phone or the HDTV then you’ll really enjoy YouTube Leanback and the new YouTube Mobile offerings which are tailored to give you the best experience on screens both big and small.

YouTube Leanback is a new way to access YouTube on your HDTV and navigate to the content you want to watch faster and easier than the standard YouTube website so that you can, Leanback and enjoy the content. Leanback is still in beta, but you can use it by sending your browser to Here you’ll see a selection of videos that match your YouTube preferences and include your subscriptions. Once launched, Leanback will begin playing content tailored to you in full screen at the highest quality available without any clicking. To navigate in YouTube Leanback you use only your arrow keys and the enter button. This allows you to skip between videos, control playback and look for another category. While Leanback is designed with a big screen in mind it is also handy for catching up on some clips on your notebook without hunching over the mousepad.

Here is a video demo of Leanback:

YouTube Mobile isn’t new, but it was just refreshed with HTML5 support and now offers support for more phones and other devices as well as higher quality video than the native iPhone app. The new YouTube Mobile website can be accessed by visiting from your mobile phone. On top of the higher quality video you’ll see more functionality such as a more touch friendly interface, the ability to “like” and “unlike” videos and add them to your favorites from your mobile browser.

Here is a video demo of the new YouTube Mobile website:

Via SlashGear