Standardized Notebook Power Supplies are the Future

One plug to charge them all. If the plans of Taiwanese notebook manufacturers come together consumers could soon see standardized notebook power supplies so that all notebooks charge with the same charger. The move is coming from Acer and ASUS,  but as DigitTimes reports, many other OEM companies that make power supplies for other notebook manufacturers are behind the plan. While a standard notebook power supply is still a distant reality as Liliputing points out the companies that are behind the idea produce most notebook computers so there is hope that the future will soon be filled with a standard power supply.

With this standardization, consumers would win in several areas. If you have multiple notebooks, tablets or netbooks you could charge them all with the same adapter. This would make it much easier and cost-effective to keep one adapter at home, one at work and another in your notebook bag. Also, if you lost your charger while traveling a replacement would be both easier to find and cheaper. There’s also a much higher likelihood that you could borrow one from a fellow traveler to juice up.

You can already buy a universal power charger from outlets like Staples and Best Buy, but as a fellow speaker, who left his notebook’;s adapter at home, told me on a trip, “These things are expensive!” He didn’t share the exact price, but it’s nothing to spend over $100 for a universal power adapter like the one shown above.

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