Apple Alters Mac OS X Malware Protection

According to Sophos,  Apple recently increased its malware protection which is built into its Mac OS X operating system. While the popularity of Apple products continues to skyrocket, attempts to compromise its software increases.

An example of the increased attempts on Apple security is the breach of 3G connected iPads. Soon after the iPad 3G was released, it was revealed that there was a hole in the security, allowing thousands of email addresses to be released.

It seems as though Apple has recognized this recent increased threat to its security. The Mac OS X 10.6.4 update included undocumented improvements to malware protection. Specifically, the update provides more resistance to a Trojan application called HellRTS, which allows hackers to send spam from your personal email accounts, see what you are viewing on your computer screen, gain access to your personal files, and much more.

Why didn’t Apple include this update in its 10.6.4 release notes? Seen below is the list of improvements, provided by Apple. As seen here, Apple prides itself on having a secure operating system. To give consumers any reason to think that Mac OS X is not as secure as Apple says it is could cost Apple lost revenue. It makes sense, from a business standpoint. However, the public needs to be aware of these security threats. It does seem as though Apple covered its bases by saying that the update includes “security” updates for your Mac. It just neglects to state what kind of security updates.

It looks as though the age of, “Macs don’t get viruses”, may be coming to an end. In order to protect your Mac and yourself, be sure to always keep up to date on Mac OS X and Security updates. Also, if you are really paranoid, there are anti-virus solutions for Macs.

Remember, keep up with your Mac updates, and consider an antivirus software to keep your information, and your Mac safe.

Via InformationWeek

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