InstantAction Debuts Embeddable Videogames: Play Monkey Island Now

Most browser based gaming has been limited to relatively simple flash based games that are fun, but normally not from a major publisher. Now, thanks to InstantAction that’s changing. New technology allows gamers to play a demo right inside a browser and provides websites with the ability to embed games and game demos just like they would a YouTube video.

Joystiq showed us the first example of an InstantAction embeddable games with a 20 minute long demo of Monkey Island, which we have embedded below.

The Secret of Monkey Island:SE powered by InstantAction

You’ll need to install a Javascript plugin and meet minimum computing requirements, but you should be able to play Monkey Island in this post. We couldn’t get the game to play in the Google Chrome browser, but it worked out fine in Firefox.

This looks like a cool way to test out games on your notebook, especially if you are on-the-go and don’t want to wait for a large demo file to download before you can play.