How to blend your iPad

We all know that iFixit is the company that shows us teardowns of all the latest devices.  We all like to see what is inside the gizmos that run our lives. But, did you know there is another site dedicated to the blending of these same devices into a nice pile of chopped/diced/minced pulp?  Enter Blendtec.

Blendtec is an actual blender company based out of Utah that sells and services blenders.  So how did they get invloved with blending tech?  Blame their blendologist Tom Dickson, who over the years has popped a series of devices and ingredients into his company’s voracious Total Blender to answer that pressing question.  He is a YouTube star in his own right, blending anything he can get his hands on.  And this time, he’s got the iPad.

Enjoy the carnage!

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