Open up iPad!

iPad Teardown from

You have to love iFixit.  They are the company that does the teardowns off all the new devices that come out so we, the consumer and the press, can see what makes these devices tick.

With that being said, iFixit has done it again with a complete teardown of the new Apple iPad. What was found inside this new multimedia device?

  • Two battery packs wired in parallel providing 24.8 watt hours of battery power, which is how the iPad can run 10+ hours
  • A4 processor with iPad RAM inside- similar to the iPhone processors
  • 256 MB of internal RAM
  • Empty void in the upper right corner to add the 3G board when that model becomes available
  • Touch circuitry similar to the old iPhone 2G devices
  • 1.18 mm glass panel
  • Rear case is single billet of aluminum
  • Slot that was thought to be for a camera is actually for an ambient light sensor
  • Wi Fi antenna is mounted facing the front corner and back

Its an interesting look into how Apple designs their hardware.

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