Dell Vostro V13 Unboxed and on Video

Dell_Vostro_13Our friend Jason Dunn from Digital Home Thoughts got his hands on a Dell Vostro V13.  The Vostro line is Dell’s affordable business line of notebook PCs and were originally based off of Dell’s Inspiron consumer lineup. Times have changed though and the Vostro V13 looks like it’s all grown up.

As Jason points out in his video, Vostro notebooks have a reputation of being a bit on the chunky side. Dell’s slimmed things down considerably and the V13 looks pretty nifty. The Dell Vostro V13 notebook has a 13.3″ display and weighs in at 3.5 pounds, which means its small enough to tote around all day long. It runs on a low-voltage Intel processor for extended battery life.

The Dell Vostro V13 starts at just $549 with Windows 7 ($449 with Linux) at Dell’s SMB store.  Check out the videos over at Digital Home Thoughts, including a look inside the notebook.

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