CES- Leavin’ Las Vegas- final thoughts

LasVegasSignSo, I am sitting here in the McCarran airport in Las Vegas, waiting for the first leg of my flight back home to FL and watching the zombies pass by.  No, its not a movie stunt, its the dead look of my fellow CES attendees, all sleep deprived and wanting to go home.  At the gate is a person out cold asleep on the floor.  I see vendor folks, booth babes, bloggers and plain folks just ready to call it a conventi0n and go home.

And what a convention it was.  The big theme this year 3D! 3D television, 3D gaming rigs, 3D video…3D you name it.  This is what the tech industry at large is banking on for the next year.  We’ll see how it rolls out to consumers.  I have heard all the specifications, but I havent heard the one point that will make 3D adoption a sure thing or not, price.

So, a few thoughts on CES:

So what did I think of CES?  I want to come back next year.  Its that simple.

Did you have a favorite CES moment?  Yes, meeting Kevin Tofel of JKontheRun. I had a fangirl moment.

What was your favorite CES tech?  The new Lenovo Skylite netbook and the Spring Design Alex ereader.

What was the most abused CES tech?  Pico projectors, especially the one of the new LG Expo phone.  I saw these things everything projecting all sorts of content…on every flat surface possible.

What was the wildest thing I saw at CES?  The Ed Hardy girls giving out iPhone cases. Trust me, you had to see this.

So, goodbye CES.  See you next year.  And next time, I am bring rollerblades to get from one end of the Las Vegas Convention center to the other….Or maybe Notebooks.com will get company Segways.

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