CES: Up Close and Personal with the Pixel Qi Dual Display


The Pixel Qi Dual Display isn’t a dual display, as in two displays, but actually a dual purpose display which works in two modes to provide users with more flexibility to work no matter what conditions they are in. Brad Linder, this guy is all over the show floor, had a close look at the Dual Display and explains the benefits of having this kind of choice for your display.

When you turn the backlight off, the screen is still readable in a high contrast black and white mode. They actually look like e-Ink displays, but they’re not. Turn up the backlight, and you have full color saturation.

The net effect is that you can put a Pixel Qi display in a netbook, tablet, or eBook reader and have a device that you can read indoors or outdoors. It can handle full motion video. And there’s non of that page refreshing effect that you experience with eBook readers like the Kindle and Nook.

It’s really cool to see this kind of technology and they’ve even installed it into a Lenovo IdeaPad in their booth to show off the applications of the Qi display. Two more added bonuses are less power consumption so when something like this comes to market you’ll be able to have longer battery life and the display has more pixels than it really tells Windows, so some languages are easier to read than on a standard screen.

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