Taking out the Trash with TrashIt! for Mac

I have been a Mac user for several years now. And, luckily, for the most part, it works fine. Until the other day when I needed to delete over 1 GB of data from my Time Machine backup drive.


I did the standard Move it Trash and then Empty Trash. And then, it just froze. After a while, it managed to count up the files and start the removal/deletion process, but it ultimately failed. The Empty Trash feature just can’t handle large amounts of data. I also discovered that sometimes when you are trying to trash other files or applications, the file just doesn’t want to delete.

I decided to research this to find a solution. I did…It’s called TrashIt!.

TrashIt! is a free application. It is an AppleScript based application that force empties your Trash folder. It can remove ANYTHING that you place in there, without an issue. It is very useful for those times when files get their file permissions messed up and cause problems during the regular trash process.

To use the software, all you need to do is download the application. The TrashIt! icon will appear on your desktop. Double click the icon to launch the application. It will tell you that is about ready to empty the trash and is it ok? Click on Yes, and that is it. It will work. It deletes everything in your trash folder, without any problems. Be careful using this as it’s the “atom bomb” of deletion applications.

Would you believe that this is also recommended by Apple Tech support when all else fails? I went into my local Apple store and asked a genius about it. Yes, they recommend using the software as a last resort.

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