Lenovo Introduces Thinkpad SL410 and SL510 for Small Business Users

Lenovo just announced the addition of two new ThinkPad notebooks geared towards small to medium size business users, all running Windows 7 and sporting business friendly options.

The new models, the ThinkPad SL410 and ThinkPad SL510 both offer a 16×9 matte screen with VibrantView and anti-glare technology; a decision which many road warriors will love.

SL410_03Lenovo ThinkPad SL410

According to the press release issued by Lenovo both of these notebooks are certified under the, Lenovo Enhanced Experience program which, ensures the PCs provide powerful performance, rich multimedia and flexible ease of use.”

The CEO of Lenovo explains a bit more about what this certification means,

For three years, Microsoft and Lenovo engineers have worked tirelessly together to jointly create a PC experience that is better, faster, more stable, and more secure,” said Rory Read, president and chief operating officer, Lenovo. This has been an unparalleled effort to integrate hardware and software from the ground up.  As a result, we’ve created new innovations in touch technology, improved speed and performance across the board and developed a host of other enhancements that will make a meaningful difference to our customers worldwide.”

Out of the box these new Lenovo notebooks will be ready to make VOIP calls to help small businesses stay in touch without spending a fortune on phone calls. What sets these two notebooks apart from every other webcam and microphone toting notebook is that inclusion of a mute button to the microphone which goes along well with a higher resolution webcam and an, improved digital microphone.”

SL510_05Lenovo ThinkPad SL510

The ThinkPad SL410 and 510 come complete with several Lenovo ThinkVantage technologies that novice users and small businesses without a full time help desk will appreciate. ThinkVantage technologies include tools that will help users, Access Connections, Client Security Solutions, Rescue and Recovery, Presentation Director and System Update.”

The new SL series also feature Intel Core2Duo processors and come with HDMI and VGA ports as well as a two finger multitouch touchpad and optional Bluetooth and integrated 3g connectivity.

The ThinkPad SL410 and ThinkPad SL510 start at $529 and are available immediately at Lenovo.com and other outlets.

Overall these two notebooks look like a solid addition to the Lenovo lineup and I’m personally a fan of the matte screens and the microphone mute button!

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Lenovo ThinkPad SL510SL410_01

Lenovo ThinkPad SL410

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