College Student? Get Microsoft Office 2007 for $60!

Its pretty much inevitable that you’ll be needing word processing tools in college. While there are several great free alternative out there, Microsoft Office is pretty much staple in the word processing world and most people are familiar with it. With that said, read on to find out how to nab your copy of Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for just $60. If you are willing to try some awesome free word processing tools before dropping $60 on MS Office, stick around, we’ll be bringing you MS Office alternatives in the next week or so.

Microsoft offers US students a big discount on their office suite of tools through a program that they are calling ‘The Ultimate Steal’ (pun intended I hope). If you have a college email address ending in .edu you should be qualified for this steep discount (as long as your school is approved). For $60 you’ll get Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 which includes the following tools (I’ve linked to Wikipedia so you can get info on the lesser known tools in the suite):

ms office 2007

How To Buy

ultimate steal

Note: You are paying for a digital version of this software meaning that you will download it after purchase. For an additional $13 you can have the software shipped to you on DVD.

Taking advantage of this offer is simple. Just head over to The Ultimate Steal webpage and click the big green button that says Buy Now. You’ll be asked to enter your university email address twice. After filling out the fields, hit the submit button and wait for an email to pop in to your inbox. The email that you receive will have a link that takes you to purchase Microsoft Office for the discounted price. Just add it to your cart and then use the Checkout button. By default, your cart has the physical DVD version of the software. If you don’t need the DVDs and are simply going to download the software, be sure to remove the item listed as ‘Office Ultimate 2007 back-up DVDby clicking on the trashcan icon in the cart if you want to save yourself $13.

And that’s about all there is to it. Enjoy your cheap copy of Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007, and remember to stick around if you are looking for powerful and free alternatives to Microsoft’s office suite.

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