HP Pavilion dv2 Game Demo: Call of Duty World at War

The HP Pavilion dv2 is an ultraportable notebook that’s affordable, but has enough graphics muscle that users can enjoy video games and play Blu-ray discs. After toning done the graphics setting, I played Call of Duty Word: World at War at over 30 frames per second and recorded the below video clips.

To achieve the high frame-rate, I had to run it at 640×480 and disable a lot of the game’s special effects.

So far I’ve played World at War for about three hours on the Pavilion dv2 and enjoyed it. Nothing compares to playing games on a proper gaming notebook, but the dv2 is powerful enough to play through current-generation games.

The HP Pavilion dv2 is the first notebook to feature AMD’s Yukon platform, which combines a single-core 1.6GHz AMD Athlon Neo processor and ATI Mobility Radeon HD3410 discrete graphics with 512MB of video memory.

The HP Pavilion dv2 is only availabe in one configuration right now that costs $749.99. More models and custom-configurations will be available in June.

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