T-Mobile Announces 3G USB Modem for Notebooks

T-Mobile announced the T-Mobile webConnect USB Laptop Stick, a 3G modem that can be used with any PC. Pricing for the modem and the service looks very similar to what you’ll find from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

The USB Laptop Stick will connect to T-Mobile’s 3G network when there’s decent coverage and default to T-Mobile’s EDGE network when 3G isn’t available. Like its competitors, the $59.99 monthly service fee includes up to 5GB of data transfer.


The T-Mobile webConnect USB Laptop Stick will cost $49.99 with a two year contract, $99.99 with a 1-year contract and $249.99 if you want to go month to month.

Software is pre-loaded on the modem so you can install it without downloading it each machine you’re using it on. It has a microSD card slot to store and tranfer your files.

via ZDNet- The Mobile Gadgeteer

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