Wishing for a MacBook Pro Dock…

I’m enjoying my new unibody MacBook Pro, but not having a docking solution is a real pain. Things are really crowded since all of the ports are on the left side of the new MacBook Pro and while this notebook is uber stylish on its own, things can get ugly once you plug in your peripherals.

I was just using my MacBook  Pro to edit some video and wanted to bring it to my living room to finish up. I decided not to move it because I didn’t want to deal with unplugging everyting and then plugging it all back in again.

I currently have a Seagate Free Agent Go connected via the FireWire 800 port. My iPhone 3G, Jawbone 2 headset and an SD card reader are plugged in via a mini USB hub.  My display is connected to my MacBook Pro’s via a mini displayport/DVI adapter. My speakers are plugged into the headphone jack.

Life would be just a litle easier if Apple would make a sensible docking solution for its power users.


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