Tip: Some Useful Gmail Tools

This is a guest tip from Notebooks.com reader SwtDreamer16, who submitted five reasons things that are great about Gmail. Any Notebooks.com reader who submits a tips entry earns 10 entries in the HP Magic Giveaway contest. Selections we put on the home page earn an additional five entries.

Thanks to SwtDreamer16 for the tips and you might want to try a few of these things out if you’re a Gmail user.

From the forums:

1) You can label each of your messages with a corresponding label, and you can also have multiple labels if the message goes under more than one category, very useful for when you are looking for specific documents corresponding to certain labels.

2)You can create groups within gmail in order to send out emails to specific groups such as family or co workers. This can be done by clicking on the contacts tab

3) Gmail has google docs which is extremely useful when it comes to group work because you can send documents and spreadsheets easily and they can easily be retrieved. All you have to do is to click on the documents tab on the top of the screen

4) Gmail also has a tool near the top of the screen that says “Search Mail” and this allows you to input keywords in order to find specific messages that you have within your inbox

5) Gmail has a calendar in which you can write down your schedule to share with others, or you can create a calendar that can be shared so that others can make changes. I find that it’s quite useful in delegating tasks and deciding on meetings.