ThinkPad x300 – Full Featured 13.3-inch, 2.5-pound Lenovo Notebook Coming Soon

Lenovo ThinkPad x300The MacBook Air’s stirred up some interesting discussion about what’s expected of an ultraportable notebook. Lenovo’s answer is the ThinkPad X300 series, which features a 64GB solid state drive, three USB ports, a DVD burner. Not bad for a 2.5 pound package.

Pound for pound, the ThinkPad x300 has a lot more features than the MacBook Air and is up to half a pound lighter, depending on configuration. The ThinkPad X300 series hasn’t been announced yet, but our friends over at Gizmodo got their hands on the specs and details early. I haven’t confirmed the details with Lenovo, but this presentation may be a little out of date (notice the Cingular reference). The X300 will have a range of wireless options, including Verizon EVDO Rev. A and HSDPA from AT&T.

One thing Lenovo’s definitely got right with the X300 is a removable primary battery and an optional secondary battery that can be swapped for the optical drive. Each 3-cell battery is good for four hours of runtime, for eight total. it’s also good to see the X300 has three USB ports, one of which can be used for a USB port replicator.

The Lenovo X300 series looks like it’s much more in tune with the needs of mobile professionals than the MacBook Air.
The X300 has a laundry list of features that are missing from the MacBook Air, including:

-3 USB ports
-Integrated DVD burner (MacBook Air’s an external $99 option)
-Standard 64GB Solid State Drive ??? (the 64GB SSD on the MacBook Air is a $999 option)
-WiMax, WWAN (Verizon EVDO Rev A., Cingular HSDPA)for mobile Internet connectivity
-UWB (Wireless USB)
-USB Port Replicator
-up to 4GB of RAM, user upgradeable(The MacBook Air has 2GB of RAM and is not upgradeable)
-Kensington lock slot
-Microphone jack
-ExpressCard Slot
-Ethernet port
-Removable battery
-Optional secondary battery

Lenovo X300

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