Apple OSX Coming October 26

Leopord Stacks OSX 10.5 Apple announced that Mac OS X Leopard will go on sale Friday, October 26 at 6:00 p.m. Apple says Leopard is packed with more than 300 new features and introduces a brand new desktop with Stacks, a new way to easily access files from the Dock; a redesigned Finder that lets users quickly browse and share files between multiple Macs; Quick Look, a new way to instantly see files without opening an application; Spaces, an intuitive new feature used to create groups of applications and instantly switch between them; and Time Machine, an effortless way to automatically back up everything on a Mac.

Steve Jobs continues to poke fun at Microsoft’s variable pricing and feature schemes.

“And everyone gets the â€ËÅUltimateâ€â„¢ version, packed with all the new innovative features, for just $129,â€Â Jobs said.

Appleâ€â„¢s online store is now accepting pre-orders, with single licenses going for $129 and family packs for $199.

Leopardâ€â„¢s new desktop includes the redesigned 3D Dock with Stacks, a new way to organize files for quick and easy access with just one click. Leopard automatically places web, email and other downloads in a Downloads stack to maintain a clutter-free desktop, and users can instantly fan the contents of this and other Stacks into an elegant arc right from the Dock. Users can also create their own Stacks for quick access to folders, documents or applications. Leopardâ€â„¢s gorgeous new look extends to all applications, with every window on the desktop offering a consistent design theme and active windows outlined by deeper shadows that make them stand out.

The updated Finder includes Cover Flow and a new sidebar with a dramatically simplified way to search for, browse and copy content from any PC or Mac on a local network. Content on any computer on a local network can now be searched using Spotlightââہ¾Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢, browsed using Cover Flow or copied across the network with a simple drag and drop. .Mac members can use the new Back to My Mac feature to browse and access files on their remote Macs over the Internet.

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