Microsoft Launches New Zunes, DRM-free Marketplace

Zune 80GB Microsoft officially announced three new Zunes, including the 80GB Zune ($249), 4GB flash Zune ($149) and 8GB flash Zune ($199). The flash Zunes are available in pink, green, black and red. All of the new zunes have a touch-sensitive navigation button and play video.

Microsoft also revamped its Zune Marketplace, which now features more than a million DRM-free songs and 1,000 videos. All of the new Zunes can be wireless synced so you can pick up your latest podcasts without plugging them into your notebook.

The Zune is getting even more ‘social’, with with an online social community where users can share song lists and find friends based on music preferences.

The 30GB Zune will still be available for $199. Those who’ve already bought a 30GB Zune will get a firmware upgrade with all of the new features, including wireless sync. Television content recorded in Media Center for Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate notebooks will be automatically synced with the new Zunes.

It’s good to see Microsoft making improvements on the Zune and it will be interesting to see how much traction they get this holiday season.

Zune 80GB

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