Free Charging Stations for Notebooks and Electronics Coming to LAX

747 Samsung is teaming up with Los Angeles International Airport to offer travelers free charging stations throughout all terminals. Hurried travelers will have more places to charge their mobile phones, laptops and other personal electronics before hoping on their flights.

Fifty-one Samsung Mobile Charging Stations with four electrical outlets per station will be installed. Of course Samsung will be using the power stations as promotions for their own handsets and electronics. They’re holding a press conference tomorrow and offering the press to interact with ‘Power People’ who will be handing out energy bars to and screen cleaners.

“As the number of personal electronic equipment has exploded during the past few years, both business and leisure travelers have requested more electrical outlets in our boarding gate areas to recharge equipment while awaiting their flight departures,” said Patricia Tubert, LAWA Deputy Executive Director of Real Estate and Economic Development. “This new service is part of our continued commitment to implementing customer service initiatives to meet travelers’ needs.”
“If you look around a crowded plane now, you see more travelers with laptops and other personal electronic devices than a decade ago,” said Pete Skarzynski, Samsung Mobile senior vice president. “To celebrate Samsung’s 10th anniversary, we are sponsoring the Samsung Mobile Charging Stations for travelers’ use at LAX free of charge.”

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