ThinkPad Reserve Notebook Preview

ThinkPad Reserve NotebookThe folks over at Lenovo are teasing us with something they’re calling ‘ThinkPad Reserve.’ Is it possible they’re getting ready to launch something a little more fashionable than basic black? It appears so, as a Lenovo web page touts craftsmanship and has several images of leather being sewn.

Lenovo’s not saying exactly what ‘ThinkPad Reserve’ is, but here are my guesses:

1) X61 notebook with leather palm rests and a distinct lid.

2) A completely leather bound notebook, including the lid.

3) A compact notebook (either X series or 14.1 widescreen T series) that comes in a special edition box, and with a leather case. A special engraving on the lid.

Here’s the special edition page:

via Lenovo Blogs
ThinkPad Reserve Notebook

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