Show us Your Notebook Bag- Jeremy Toeman

Jeremy Toeman is a blogger and digital media guru. He was formerly a VP at Sling Media (makers of the SlingBox) and now spends his days consulting for tech companies and speaking at conferences.

Jeremy carries a Pacific Design Ruckus Laptop Backpack and loves the thing, maybe a little too much. He gives us a very thorough review of his favorite bag.

So what does this San Francisco techie pack in his notebook bag? A Sony Vaio SZ notebook, Tornado File Transfer tool, Shure headphones,Griffen headphone splitter, a Samsung SCH-u740 and an extra mobile phone. He also has a bottle of panic pills, a notebook power adapter, a network cable, and cleaning clothes.

Ruckus Laptop Bag Product Page

LiveDigitally (Jeremy’s Blog)

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