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How to Enable Automatic Windows Updates

It is always good idea to keep your computer up to date. Keeping your computer up to date is an important step in protecting your computer from viruses, malware...

Get a Recycle Bin For Removable Drives

Have you ever deleted an important file from a USB or other external drive? Maybe an important picture from a camera memory card? Did you start looking for a Re...
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London Travel Tips

For the next few months, I'm visiting London and am spending a semester exploring the United Kingdom as part of my college's study abroad program. I spent the l...
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Blaze : A Powerful Application Launcher

Are you looking for a powerful Application launcher, Give Blaze a try. Blaze is a free open source application launcher. This multipurpose application doesn't o...
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Three Ways to Sync Browser Bookmarks

Many people use more than just one computer throughout the day. Perhaps you have a home desktop computer, a laptop, and even a work computer. Chances are, you u...
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How to Upgrade a Unibody MacBook Pro’s Memory

The new aluminum MacBook and MacBook Pro sure look sharp, but it's a pain to upgrade their RAM. Nate from Gearlive put together a great tutorial on how to upgrade to the maximum 4GB of RAM.