Dragon Dictate 2.5 for Mac Adds Speed, Stability and Social Networking

As we reported earlier this week, Dragon Dictate has been updated to version 2.5 with some interesting social sharing features as well as a huge bug fix that makes the program a lot more useful.

Nuance Dragon DictateEarlier this year I reviewed Dragon Dictate 2.0 and found that if you are in desperate need of voice dictation due to things like an injury or a physical limitation, then it can make you productive. Unfortunately the program suffered from a major memory leak that required a restart of the app after about 20 minutes of use.

Later we found a trick on YouTube for clearing memory via a voice command. Thankfully, the update fixed the leak and added the ability to post to Twitter and Facebook. It also allows the use of an iPhone as a remote mic and better integration of voice dictation and simultaneous keyboard and mouse use.

Better Nuance Support

After reading our review the folks at Nuance contacted me and put me in touch with their Mac project team. I learned that MacSpeech was purchased by Nuance and they are still in the process of integrating the Mac version into their product line, other than just changing the name to Dragon Dictate. It seems that 2.0 was still a transitional version. I found evidence of this in the company’s website.

At the time I reviewed the product the site provided little information about Dragon Dictate for Mac. Today, you can find more help and support for the Mac program. With 2.0 I needed more help and found less. The good news for those who really need or just want to use dictation software, with 2.5 you will need less help, but more is available.

Speed and Performance Improvements

With the Dragon Dictate 2.5 update we decided to give it another test run in order to see if the biggest weaknesses we faced were corrected. The memory leak that caused Dragon to gobble up system resources after about 20 minutes are gone. I wrote the majority of this review using Dragon and never experienced a slowdown. The program responds quickly: you can really just talk at your normal pace and it will keep up the majority of the time.

The program crashed while testing a few features, but I discovered that my preferences file was corrupted. Deleting it fixed the problem and it runs smoothly now. If you are running OS X Lion you will have to