Geekatoo Brings Local Geeks To Your Rescue, At Affordable Rates

When it comes to computer repair, most users don’t know where to start. Sadly, finding a qualified and trustworthy local geek to fix your computer can be difficult.

Normally this means you end up at Best Buy’s Geek Squad, Staples or some other chain. While these outfits often do good work, they can be expensive and can take a long time — sometimes sending out your PC for something the guy across the street could have fixed in an hour, if only you had known he was there.

Enter Geekatoo, a new service which lets local geeks bid on fixing your computer problems. The service cuts out the retail store and asks geeks to bid on fixing your problem. You can keep bidding open for a set period of time, but accept a bid at any point in time, even if there are days of open bidding left. Geeks bid on your project, with the each tech expert trying to offer a better price or value than the rest.

Geekatoo vets the techs, with certifications, online testing and , if they choose, a background check. Combine this with Geek ratings and you can make informed decisions about who you hire to fix your computer.

Geekatoo local tech help

When it comes to pricing, you’ll get a minimum, hourly and maximum rate. If the tech fixes your issue in 10 minutes, you still pay the minimum amount. If he takes 8 hours, you only pay the maximum quoted rate. If he gives up and can’t fix your problem he only gets the minimum rate.

The service is a handy way to find a local expert that can fix your computer, but that’s not the only thing Geekatoo geeks can do. You can ask questions about all types of devices and issues, including asking to be taught, rather than just having something fixed.

  • Windows
  • Apple
  • Networking
  • Smartphones
  • Learning Computer Skills
  • Game Console Repair
  • and more.

It’s not immediately clear what cities Geekatoo is operating in, but if you have a tech problem in need of an answer, you may want to see if the local geeks can fix it for less than the big box store.

Geeks, you can sign up to be a local Geekatoo right now, to begin serving your area. The signup is free, but Geekatoo takes 12% of each job you do.

Overall, Geekatoo looks like a good place to turn the next time you need computer or smartphone help. While Geekatoo grows you may need to wait a little while for a local geek, but if you live in a large city we expect you’ll find help pretty swiftly.

Via TechCrunch