MacBook Pro Redesign Coming With next Refresh Cycle

Apple may have just released a new MacBook Pro, but it looks like they are already working on the next MacBook Pro, which if rumors are true, will bring a totally redesigned case. There had been some rumors of a new MacBook Pro design coming early this year, but the latest MacBook Pro lines focused on adding new processors and the Thunderbolt port rather than introducing a new look.

The ne rumor comes by way of MacRumors which cites a reliable source and points to a “new case design” for the next MacBook Pro upgrade. Apple typically refreshes the look and design of the Notebooks every few years, so this isn’t a surprise.

Steve Jobs has said that the MacBook Air would be a point of inspiration for future MacBook Pro models, so we can expect to see some thinning and perhaps we will se the end of the optical drive — but that may still be a bit early for some users, even with the Mac App Store.

The rumor is corroborated by an earlier posting at iLounge which pointed to a major refresh in 2011. This rumor stated that there would be a “milestone release” coming in 2012.


The current MacBook Pro design dates back to 2008, when the look and unibody construction was introduced. No specifics are available about what we might expect to see on the next MacBook Pro and at this point there is no reason to wait to buy a MacBook Pro.

For more on the early 2011 MacBook Pro, check out our Review of the Core i7 15″ MacBook Pro.

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  • TheMacMan says:

    There’s been a lot of speculation about a June ’11 refresh. It seems the earthquake/tsunami delayed component deliveries from some Jap suppliers, possibly why the new Macs haven’t arrived yet. But, a check at several local outlets did illicite that hardware is VERY limited, indicating either supply difficulties …or a refresh coming at any moment.

    Chit-chat on the www says many think the new MBP’s will not have the DVD-drive, but I think they will still have it. There is no point in ‘Airing’ the MBP’s, for the MBA is the option for those on the constant move who need a more compact, lighter, laptop. The MBP covers a more sedentary customer who values the bigger punch of the MBP, a separate market segment. The MBA is seemingly in line for a chip-uprating, yes, but the MBP will only have minor adjustments in my view (to cope with the heat problems I’ve heard tell of). There does seem to be a major uprating slotted for ’12, the casing seems to be an entirely new design, but even here I don’t see a major change for the electronics other than the on-chip SSD OS and possibly SSD Main HD.

    I see no reason to wait until ’12, if the price is right, so I’m waiting for the impending, hopefully uprated, MBP 17″ with the old mechanical HD to arrive, as it will mostly be used at home, thus the size and weight is of no consequence and, as it’s thus not as vulnerable to transport-damage the larger capacity HD will be of more use. But what to buy for a outside portable unit is a problem. Money, actually, is the problem. The iPad does seem not to be what I want, but the small MBA is far more than my budget seemingly will allow, the MBP 17″ not being exactly cheap. The cheaper and seemingly more powerful iMac is of interest, but I feel a desk-top unit is not what I want, getting old and stiff I now like to shift seating occasionally, sit anywhere, a laptop would allow this. Maybe a secondhand or reduced-price MB ‘White would be more useful than the MBA, but I need battery-life outdoors.

    Isn’t choosing a new computer interesting!

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