How to Record a Call with Google Voice – Incoming and Outgoing

Recording phone calls with Google Voice is easy to do and a great way to keep track of important information like directions, a new task from your boss or an important phone call with a customer service representative.

This guide is part of a series we’re calling Google Voice University, which will take you from a beginning Google Voice user all the way up to a Pro in a series of short guides. This Google Voice 201 level guide will teach you how to record calls with Google Voice.

The only downside to this method of recording calls is that you cannot record outgoing calls be default, but if you have a minute you can set up a shortcut to record outgoing calls in Google Voice.

How to Record an Incoming Call with Google Voice:

When you receive a call you want to record in Google Voice answer it like you normally would and then press the number 4. This will announce to all callers that you are recording the call and begin the actual recording.

When you are done, press 4 again to stop the recording, or just hang up. The calls will be available for you to listen to online in your Google Voice home page under the “Recorded” calls label. You can listen to the call online or download it as an MP3.

How to record a Call with Google Voice – Video:

How to Record an Outgoing Call with Google Voice:

Unfortunately you need to be in front of a computer to make use of this “hack”. The full steps come compliments of Maven1 on the Google Voice Help forums.

Note: This may require the other party to press 1 before the call is completed so you may not be able to use it with all outbound calls.

Step 1: To get started visit the settings page of Google Voice, click “Add a new Call Widget”.

Step 2: Choose which phones you want this to ring and give the widget a name. Click Save Changes.

Step 3: Copy the embed code that Google Voice provides.

Step 4: Open up notepad on your computer. Type the following:



paste Google Voice code here



Step 5: Save the file as recordacall.html to your desktop.

Step 6: Double click on recordacall.html. It should open in your browser with a widget that looks like the following.

Step 7: When the call connects press 4 to begin recording.

Note that the call recording in this setting will activate the prompts you often need to press when calling a toll free customer support line and you may at times have trouble connecting so this isn’t foolproof, but it will work in most settings.

This guide is part of part of Google Voice University, a series designed to get anyone up and running with Google Voice. We’ve already covered How to get started with Google Voice and How to be Google Voice Power user; stay tuned for more Google Voice guides and how tos.


  • GV User says:

    This does not work for me. I tested it with two phones I have. The call widget calls the target number first. It requires the target number to press 1 to dial my number. So, I don’t see how this can work when it requires the other party to press 1 to complete the call so I can start the recording.

  • TedMurphy says:

    Jeez — forget about that outgoing rigmarole — the easiest and quickest way to record any phone call is through CallTrunk ( Cloud-based, keeps the call saved and available forever, free for the first 25 minutes. Contact me at for more information.

  • licketysplit says:


    Are you SERIOUS? your calltrunk service is the most annoying product to use! honestly, who wants to either be by a computer or wait for a call to call them back.

    ve seen your spammy comments on other blogs as well.

  • nadrik says:

    Haven’t tried this out, but I did want to note on a slight error in the code. It should read:

    Google Voice code

    That way, the body tag is properly contained within the html tag and will avoid any confusion in browsers.

  • nadrik says:

    Alright, I guess it doesn’t like html tags. Let’s try this again.

    Google Voice code

    Don’t actually use quotation marks though.

  • nadrik says:

    Well, I’m just going to skip the demonstration and get to the point: switch the html and body tags at the end so that html is at the very beginning and the very end. Good. On to more important things…

  • Thanks! I tried this a few times and finally got it to work. The only thing is, how do I get rid of the recording announcing my name and asking the recipient to press 1 when it connects? Frankly, if I got a call like that, I’d figure it was a robocall and hang up.
    When I set up the widget, under Call Presentation, I selected “Off.” But that still didn’t help. Should I edit it and select the “On” radio button instead?

  • Charlie says:

    All you have to do is go to Google Voice site and place a call, leave where it says “Phone to call with” as Google Talk. Make sure you have your Gmail site open and it will ring to it as an incoming call then you hit accept and you will have the option to record your call. Ni hacks needed.

    • Ed J says:

      Charlie, your suggestion works as far as the call coming into Gmail and then I can activate a record button in the menu, but the recording does not come into Google Voice. Or maybe it’s going somewhere else but I can’t find it in my computer.

      • Orson Welles says:

        I am also unable to find the recording (file) after completing a call and clicking the record button. Does anybody know where these files are placed?

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