Trend Micro SafeSync Online Backup Announced

There’s a new entrant in the growing world of online backup today as Trend Micro has announce the company’s SafeSync Online backup service. The new online backup solution isn’t brand new, it’s been around as Titanium Maximum Security since 2008 with a 10GB cap, but the new offering is geared towards mobile consumers who want to protect their data, have mobile access and sync across multiple computers.

Trend Micro SafeSync works on Windows, Mac and Linux and can be installed on up to 3 computers and synced to multiple computers, much like Dropbox does.

SafeSync provides continuous backup service and a virtual hard drive for offline access to synced files. There is also web access allowing for streaming of video and music online as well as a recycle bin and versioning. Versioning allows users to restore  previous version of a file if they accidentally delete a portion of a document. Web streaming also works on your mobile devices and the company states that there are apps on the way for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

SafeSync also comes with some sharing options that allow you to share slideshows, links to specific files and more. The service also allows for collaboration with more multiple users editing the same document at the same time and provides the ability to embed video or slideshows on your blog or webpage.


SafeSync is available starting today for $59.95 for an annual subscription for unlimited storage space. According to Trend Micro, the unlimited plan is a promotion for a limited time only. The price is comparable to Mozy and Carbonite who both offer unlimited plans for around $60. Stay tuned as we will be reviewing SafeSync and comparing it to the competition.


  • There seems to be many many online backup services out there cramming into the market, and I’m sure we’ll see more backup services linking up as consumers become more and more mobile and rely on online backups to store their work. Nothing is worse than losing your laptop during a business trip and also losing all your important files. Trend has a track record in this industry for safty and reliability and I suspect their backup service will be top notch too.

  • Titus says:

    Hey, I just saw they are offering a 50% discount and I immediately booked it (22 December, no guarantee this will be around forever):

    36 USD or so, including vat!

    Here is the link:

    Consider DropBox is 200 USD per year for 50 GB…

    I loved humyo but it was twice as expensive as the current offering which has “unlimited storage”. To say I never got beyond 60GB on my humyo account, no matter how hard I tried 😉

    Enjoy, Titus

  • sameer says:

    shift to godaddy’s which offers 100GB for just $24 per year and sync across multiple computers on linux, mac and windows and have tons of features compared to safesync

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