Seagate FreeAgent Home Theater

Seagate officially announced the FreeAgent Home Theater today at CES 2009. The device makes easy to get digital content from your computer onto your HDTV. I recorded a full demo of the FreeAgent Home Theater a few weeks ago at Seagate’s offices.

This is one of the simplest ways to get movies, photos and music onto your flat screen. The FreeAgent Home Theater will be sold as a bundle that includes a 500GB FreeAgent Go hard drive and a remote control. If you already have a FreeAgent Go you can just buy the docking station.

The slideshow function is easy to use and transitions are smooth. The FreeAgent Home Theater comes with a simple remote control, but I wish it was bigger and had more functionality.

I think this device is perfect for non-techies who are sick of having their families huddle around their notebooks to watch home videos and photos.

One feature I really liked is that it has full DVD menus. This means you can rip your favorite DVDs to your hard drive and never have to get off the couch since the drive will fit almost 100 full length movies.

It will be available this March in Europe and the U.S.


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